How to write an essay in 50 minutes

The task to write an essay is one of the most difficult and simple at the same time.

This sounds like nonsense, but indeed it is enough to consider this issue from all possible sides. Having understood the principle of work, you will be able to understand how to write an essay in 50 minutes, regardless of the topic and complexity of the essay.

In fact, many students simply complicate the task, trying to jump over their heads when they take a topic about which they know nothing. From this you can make the first rule for any student: write only about what you know. One of the most forbidden tips that can be given to a student, but the validity of this principle is indisputable. We should always write about what we know. Writing what you know does not mean that, for example, if I am a teacher, I have to write a novel whose subject is a school. I can write, if I want, even a novel, the main character of which is a mechanic, but for this I have to read a lot of relevant literature. If I want to write an article or even an essay about a group of Californian surfers, I don’t have to be a surfing enthusiast and live in California, but I need a lot of information about surfing and about California in general.

Many do not know that the content of the essay is more important than the form.

However, this does not mean that you should write casually and neglecting the style of writing. You should be very careful about the subject, which should be original and, perhaps, should tell something new.

But do not forget that any essay should be carefully checked. Students who write essays tend to invest a lot of their selves in what they write, and therefore it is difficult for them to be able to objectively evaluate the result of their work. Often, however, the very elements to which they are most attached and which they cannot refuse are the weak points of the letter. Therefore, it is important to try with a detachment to evaluate what was written: reading the text out loud helps you to distance yourself, but you can also ask a person you trust to read your essay and give you an opinion.

And the main rule is that you always need to meet the requirements of the essay, this rule also applies to the volume of your essay. No need to write more than what is required of you. Remember that everything that you add, and that is not absolutely necessary to express an idea, is not only useless, but can even be harmful. At the end of the writing process, it would be a good idea to re-read the writing several times to determine what is good and free it from unnecessary.

The key word in this case is to abbreviate, therefore, when checking the essay, carefully study each word and the importance of these words in your essay. A good writer spends more time writing and reworking a text than writing it.

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